Thursday, July 31, 2008


Zion has incorporated yet another aspect of WoW into his imaginary play. For the past few days he has enjoyed putting things into the Auction House to sell, especially after he comes back from a quest (aka any journey outside the house).

About an hour ago he came back from a bike ride with Robert and headed straight to the bathroom to pee.

"Hi sweetie!", I said. "How was your ride?"

"Good", he replied. And then, apropos of nothing, "I was just putting some things in the auction house to sell." He started peeing.

"Oh", I said. "What kind of things did you put up?"

"Things like...this pee!", he said, and started laughing hysterically. Thankfully he was done peeing, cause his aim is suspect even when he's not laughing.

"Yeah.... I don't think anyone's going to buy your pee".

Zion continued to chortle. "Now I am flushing the pee into the auction house!"


1 comment:

Stacie said...

no only are thier aims bad, but I would be suspect of "auction house" being code name for a cup he shouldn't be peeing in...LOL

He is funny!