Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Not to brag, but my kids don't tend to hit each other, or kick, or bite. They are not, however, miniature Ghandis. No, their preferred means of sibling affliction is squeezing (think of Homer Simpson "squeezing" Bart's throat).

Right now they are dancing to The Beastie Boys "Intergalactic" in the living room. Then Liel came running in wailing, "My tummy hurts!!". She'd just had a snack so I asked if she needed water. "NO", she said, clearly frustrated by my denseness. "My TUMMY hurts".

"Well", I said, "why does your tummy hurt?"

"Zion SEEEEZED it!"

See how she managed to tattle without starting out by tattling? She's clever, that one.


Abby said...

LOL!! We hit at our house, used to bite, and no real kicking to speak of...I guess they're going to do something! :)

me said...

SMART child! (Actually, both are).
Where do they get it?!