Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tell me about your trip!

My parents are back from Oaxaca, and yesterday they told me a bit about their trip while they were driving to work. My mom spoke first and told me about the lovely embroidered clothing, historical sites, delicious mole sauces, and the indigenous people. After a few minutes she stopped and said (as she often does), "But I'll stop now and let your dad have a chance to tell you something!"

There was a pause, while my father collected his thoughts. Then he said, "A dog followed us back to our hotel the other night."


Yes, it was true. Apparently the dog followed them all around the city, and was waiting when they came back out of the hotel. "We gave him a roll to eat", dad reported. "And we took a picture of him. He was cute, and had a really bright look about him".

So there you have it.

(To be fair, Dad went on to tell me about the city wide protests that shut Oaxaca down a couple years ago, and the food, and how much he enjoyed being there again. Just so you don't get a totally mistaken impression of my father.)

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Rachel said...

I think the whole dog thing sheds him in a very good light!