Thursday, July 24, 2008

That's what *I* said!

The kids had a disagreement about lunch today. Liel wanted macaroni and cheese with the pasta in the shape of bunnies and a white cheese sauce, and Zion wanted macaroni and cheese with the pasta in the shape of shells and orange cheese sauce. I told them we'd flip a coin and have one today and one tomorrow.

"I get heads!", Zion shouted as he brought me the coin.

"I'd like...heads", Liel offered.

"Sorry", I said, "Zion called heads this time". I flipped the coin. It was tails.

Zion stared in horror. Then, "I want tails!"

"Sorry", I said again. "You chose heads today. We'll make bunnies".

"No, no, no." said the boy. "I want tails. Let's start again".

"No", I said. "We only do it once. We'll have orange shells tomorrow."

A small tantrum ensued, which ended with Zion's announcement that he wouldn't eat anything. I agreed. A moment later he was enthusiastically planning to pick up his bunny pasta with his new chopsticks. I pointed out that he wasn't going to be eating lunch, and he admitted that yes, he actually was.

"OK", I said, standing up. "I'll go start water for the bunnies then".

Zion leaned in towards his sister. "Liel", he said in a confident voice, "did you decide that you wanted bunnies or orange shells?"

Liel was not taken in. "I want bunnies."

Zion growled in frustration and burst out, "Damn it's taking Liel a long fucking time to choose orange shells!"


NedaAnn said...

OMG that is the funniest thing I've heard this week! I love his determination, though.

skyeball said...

I love this boy.

Sara said...

Funny... good to hear Liel will stand her ground... sounds like she'll get plenty of practice :)

BirdEtt said...

That's too funny! He uses the shock technique to make a convincing argument that he will in fact be able to do what you said he wouldn't. Did your jaw drop and heart die with laughter on the inside all at the same time? I can't (well, I can kind of) wait to have kids. They just throw things at you unexpectedly. How enthralling.

nicole meredith, said...


Wendy said...

OMG...really your kids are priceless. Love it Love it Love it.

Stacie said...


Rachel Main said...

He's tricksy.
He also knows how to use curse words in context. Fabulous.