Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tell me why

I'm knitting a sweater right now that really doesn't want to stay with me. So, it will need to go to one of you! I've just decided it would be helpful to know where it's going before I do the sleeves cause otherwise how will I know how long to make them?

Here are the details. It's a cardigan. It's pretty much this pattern, but the collar and cuffs are a deep dusty pink color and the rest of the sweater is a lovely chocolatey brown. It's soft (but not super soft) handspun wool. I don't know the exact chest measurement yet but I'd guess it's around 36".

So, if you read that and think the sweater wants to come live with you, please let me know! In the case of multiple new home offers there will probably be a dance off .


Sara said...

I'd love to say that I'd take it, but it wouldn't fit me :(
BTW, how/where does one learn to knit? I suppose I could ask my Mom, cuz I think she knows how... just wondering... all the neat stuff you're making makes me want to do it too :)

Melany said...

I'd love to say it's for me, but I'm sure it won't fit me. :) Very pretty. Where are the photos of the actual sweater?


Leslie said...

I have THREE reasons why said sweater would be more than welcome at my house:
a) I am actually running a sweater rescue. It's a no kill shelter.
b) while I am normally more in the 32-34 chest range, this impending winter I will definitely be larger than this thanks to my new son. In fact, having tried on sweaters to model my own craftiness after, I have found that none of htem fit! KC winters are COOOOLLLLD!!!
c) I deserve a reward for having started, and becoming obsessed with, yarn.

me said...

Would Gramma love this sweater?