Thursday, July 24, 2008


This morning Liel walked into our room and picked up a book.

"Look!", she said, "there's a picture of Zoraster! Can I show you a picture of his balls?"

She flipped through the pages as Robert snickered quietly behind his hand. "I'm going to show you a picture of his baaalllls. Are these his balls? No. Are these his balls? No. These balls? No...."

I started trying to hide my giggles, too. I'd say we did a rather good job at it, since Liel continued on, undaunted. "Zoraster has two balls", she told us seriously. "Where are his balls??" She scowled at the uncooperative book.

Finally she found the page in question. "Here are his balls! Two balls! And his...pieces." She was most triumphant. We kept our faces hidden.

The book in question? The Unofficial Lego Mindstorms NXT Inventors Guide. Zoraster is a robot, and Robert and I have the maturity of 11 year olds.


Wendy said...

Like I said before, they are just priceless....and yup I was laughing too so I guess I have the maturity of an 11 yo as well. It reminds me of the day that Zoey asked to hold Bradlee's balls in the van with a van full of kids, some of which were not mine (bouncing balls for all concerned).

Stacie said...

guess I have the maturity level of an 11 year old too!

SuperBadSoap said...


High-Five Liel!