Monday, July 28, 2008


I know it's too early to call it for sure, but it appears that both my kids are going to need braces. I'd hoped that since I didn't need braces at least one of them might inherit the good tooth placement gene, but apparently not. Actually, Liel might have, but since she sucks her index finger it's hard to say for sure. Robert and I were talking about his braces last night, and noting that his bottom teeth are busily overlapping anyway (probably from his wisdom teeth but it seems to me that bottom teeth have a much lower success rate in terms of actually staying in place after braces). He cheerfully pointed out that at least our dental insurance has an orthodontist price cap- after we've spent $2,000 per child the insurance will pay any other costs. Of course by the time they get braces that number will likely have gone up, still, mustn't be ungrateful I suppose. So, their teeth are growing, but in kinda funny ways.

When he was out hiking yesterday Zion announced that his hiking boots were hurting his toes, so apparently he's outgrown those. I ordered him some new ones from REI this morning, and man, that kid has big feet! He's now wearing a size 12 shoe, which is bigger than any of the other kids in his preschool class- the next closest wears a 10.5. And he's not the tallest kid in the class! One of the other boys is slightly taller than Zion, and his friend Valentina is pretty much the same height as he is. Big feet.

Liel continues to be not big, tho she does grow (of course). Somehow it seems that she grows more slowly than Zion, or maybe she just grows in spurts more than he does. It took her a year to go from 19 to 24 lbs and then she gained 4 lbs in 6 months (and grew a good bit, too). Both kids continue to be skinny, wearing a waist size that is at least a full size down from the length size they need in pants. When I bought yarn for their fall sweaters I discovered that Zion's chest measurement would indicate that I should knit a size 2-3 years for him, but his length puts him in the 5-6 year category (matching the off the rack size he wears). Liel's chest size was the 1-2 year size. I'll probably knit her a size 2-3 with a bit of extra length in it. Nice that I can custom fit this one thing, I suppose!

Which reminds me- I'm knitting a sweater for my brother. For those of you who don't know my brother- well, he's 6'8" and hmmm....built like Zion. Or Zion is built like him, either way. It's going to be a loooooong project. It was supposed to be for his birthday (in June) and I did start it in June. Kenny was delighted when I assured him I'd have it done before this winter is over. Kid has no faith in me (possibly because I never finished the fingerless gloves I started for him for Hanukkah last year. Possibly). At least he's not growing any more...


Melany said...

They do grow in odd spurts! Nate wore the same size shoe for 13 months and has jumped up a size in the last 2 months. I always assumed it was more linear, but it's really not, is it.


BirdEtt said...

Well, I had braces and I wish now that I hadn't gotten them so early. My teeth ended up shifting again and I couldn't wear my retainer. So, I'll need adult braces again one day. It does make eating and talking awkward, though, and by junior high they're going to want them regardless of having to pay for them on their own in the future (b/c who cares about that stuff in junior high?). Good luck with all of that.
Also, good luck in the knitting department if Zion is going to grow like Kenny!

dragon knitter said...

i hear ya, sister. i had braces at 10 (they pulled 8 teeth to get to that point) and off at 13, and my teeth are straighter, but not straight.

as for your brother? my husband is also 6'8" and is about a medium/large chest wise, but he wears 2x for the length (mostly t-shirts). i had started one sweater for him, but had to frog it due to loss of pattern and erros in measuring (somehow i got the armholes in the back 4 inches higher than on the front).

good luck to ya!

me said...

I was wondering about Kenny's sweater.
I am sure it will be a beauty!