Friday, July 11, 2008

Bug and not-stitches

Tonight after dinner we were out on the deck enjoying the beautiful weather (it's been our best summer in New York, weather-wise!) when Robert discovered that he'd become the seat of choice for a praying mantis. We were all enchanted, and then Zion wanted to hold the bug. We said no, because praying mantises are delicate and we didn't want Zion to accidentally mash the bug as he picked it up. I took a couple of pictures while it crawled around on Robert.

Then Zion put his hand in front of the praying mantis and it crawled right on him. He was patient and very gentle, and good at putting one hand in front of the other to keep the bug on him. I was quite impressed with his bug handling skills! He later told me (quite proudly) that that is what he does with Huggy-Buggy (his school's pet hissing cockroach). Good to see that he's learning!

We tried to get the bug to pose on Zion's shoulder, but he wasn't having any of it (being rather tired of us at that point) and leaped onto Zion's face.

I took some pictures of Liel, too, since she got her stitches out a few days ago. She asked me to be sure to take a picture of her cut. It's healing pretty well, I think! And she's just so beautiful.


Melissa said...

Beautiful children! They are looking so very grown up!


Rachel Main said...

Wow! She IS so beautiful. I love Liel's eyes.
What a special treat for Zion to be visited by a praying mantis. It's nice to see him gently holding the little bug.

Stacie said...

omgosh the picture of that mantis jumping onto Z's face is a great action shot, isn't it? OH, my kids would have FREAKED

Liel is beautiful and her nose is looking much better!

me said...

oh, has Liel changed since I last saw her. She is a beauty. The scar, I think, will fade.
I love the pictures from Vermont with the kids in their bathing suits. They are so adorable!
Zion is such a sweetie.