Friday, July 18, 2008

Rice Pudding Rules

OK, you probably know that I like rice pudding. And pudding in general, frankly (though not out of a box- that stuff isn't pudding, its...its...nasty boxed powder crap). Since we don't use eggs (allergy) in the house, pudding can be a bit of a challenge. Mostly I make kheer and call it a day.

But today I was looking for something new, and I found it! Rice pudding with risotto rice. Those chubby little grains are useful AND cute! They'll make your vegan rice pudding creamy and delicious. I worked from this recipe on the Food Network's page, but there are many others. I chose this one cause I had all the ingredients in the kitchen. I subbed soy milk for the cow milk and added a bit more sugar to compensate for the lack of milk sugars and it was delicious! Highly recommend. Would be great jazzed up with various flavorings and raisins, too. But we only had the hated golden raisins (I love 'em, kids don't). I asked Liel if she wanted raisins today and she said, "Huh. But I won't eat them."


me said...

This sounds delish. I will try it.
I love the pants from your post of yeserday too!

Rachel Main said...

LOVE rice pudding. I love aborio rice, too. I love putting them together. The Italians make a fabulous aborio rice pudding pie...wheat crust and eggs in the recipe. I'd love to do it without the eggs (I don't think you really need 'em) and with an almond crust. That'd be awesome.