Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More puke than a barrel of monkeys

Nice start to the day, right??

Yesterday I had a fun morning planned. I was going to take the kids to the library while Robert worked, and maybe even the bank (our bank has a basket of free lollipops and the ATM gives out receipts; the kids adore the bank). Zion wasn't as enthusiastic about this plan as one might have thought, but Liel was and he didn't protest so off we went. It was a lovely morning for a walk. At the bank Zion refused a lollipop, even when Liel brought one over for him. Still, I didn't worry cause if ever a kid could refuse sweets its my boy. He doesn't even finish dessert half the time- just says, "I'm done" and pushes it away. So on we went.

When we got to the children's room at the library he curled up in a rocking chair, asked for one of the toys on the high shelf and then just sat there with it. Didn't play, didn't look at the books I brought him. I decided to cut our visit short after giving Liel a few minutes to play and look at books, and we hurried upstairs to check out, where Zion asked me to hold him and hug him. I did, and hurried faster. Popped the kids into the Chariot and busted on home. There was a package from my gramma waiting on the porch. Liel was delighted (and even managed to carry it into the house by herself- it was half her size!) and Zion didn't even seem to resister that there WAS a package. Uh-oh.

Inside he curled up on the couch and sort of half closed his eyes. He was pretty warm to the touch, and didn't pay attention to Liel opening the package. When I brought him his gift to unwrap he asked me to do it for him. He now felt downright hot, so against his feeble protests I took his temperature. Before the thermometer even beeped he had pushed it out and refused to allow it back in his mouth and it read 104.1. Crap. Zion had never had such a high fever (well, maybe when he was in the hospital, but I don't remember). I called his ped and was told by the answering service that the office was closed for vacation. OK, plan two: medicate him! Gave him some children's Advil. He swallowed it down, sat up, and vomited all over the couch. A lot. A glass of soy milk, a glass of almond milk, the remains of an entire cinnamon raisin bagel. Some parts of parenting are just downright gross, let me tell ya.

Anyway, got him cleaned up, got the couch (mostly- puke is hard to clean out of upholstery!) cleaned up, gave him more medicine. He kept it down and had cheered up and turned into his normal (if slightly subdued) self within 20 minutes.

Just for fun, Liel (who has been potty trained since she was 20 months old) had two accidents yesterday. She must have sensed that I hadn't filled my daily quotient for children's fluids or something. One was on the wood floor, so no big deal, but the other was on the rug, which kinda sucked. Couldn't compare to puke on the couch, but just wasn't what I needed, you know? The kid goes a month or more without any accidents- she clearly knows how to pick her days!

We expected to keep Zion on a steady dose of medication yesterday, but although he got hotter as the first dose wore off he never got unbearably hot again, so we didn't. Around midnight he woke up and came in to tell us he loved us (he's so cute and lovey when he's sick!) and he was pretty hot again (not nearly as bad as the morning, but too hot) so we gave him a second dose. This morning he seems fine! A touch on the warm side, but fine.


Stacie said...

oh no, I hope he is feeling better and your quota of bodily fluids was kept to one day.

the main stitch upholstery said...

nothing but fun in your household. yes, puke is hard to clean out of upholstery. time to invest in a steam cleaner!

Sara said...

Sorry to hear Z wasn't feeling well, here's to hoping he stays feeling better now :)