Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New class

I'm supposed to be writing up the syllabus for the brand-spanking new class I'm teaching this fall. But, to paraphrase Barbie, "Writing syllabuses is hard!" (Of course it is- that's why I spent most of my 20's in grad school.) Mostly I'm having trouble working movies into the class, since it meets 3 times a week for 50 minutes a pop. I have ideas, but it's still tricksy.

The reason I should be working the syllabus right now is because Robert took the kids hiking. Lucky me, I have a quiet house! What I'd like to be doing is creating a new WoW character (she's going to be a blood elf warrior), but I feel too guilty to do that so I'm blogging as a compromise. See how grown up and responsible I am? Anyway. Liel was looking extra cute in her self-chosen hiking outfit this morning and when Zion came in to get his jeans on he looked at her admiringly and said, "Mama, can you dress me so I look as cute as Liel?"

Speaking of the kids, they have been getting up waaaaaay too damn early the past few days. I don't know what happened! We had several weeks where they were getting up at the luscious hour of 7am and now? Well, it was 5:45am today. We've been insisting that it is too early and that they should sleep more, which they don't. Our compromise has been to close our door and tell them entertain themselves until 7 or so, when Robert gets up. It kind of works, too, esp if you don't count the interruptions (which range from every 15 to 45 min) to check time, give hugs (yes, it is kind of nice, even at that hour) and bring bunny covers in for fixing.

Tonight we're having dinner with Craig, Vivienne, and Valentina at the swankily named River Club. Viv assures us that it's all an act, and really is quite casual and fine for kids. They have a burger with cheese and pulled pork on the menu (too bad it's not called The Good Morning Burger ala The Simpsons) so I'm guessing she's probably correct.


the main stitch upholstery said...

i think blogging sounds much more interesting than syllabus making. i can't even spell it. that is why i am a laborer and not a teacher. he he. need a pic of the hiking outfit.

me said...

I am very impressed with Zion's comment. Did he overhear someone saying how cute she was ?
This war stuff doesn't sound like something humanity needs. Probably, I don't understand. (Frankly, the name is a trigger for me.) Please enlighten me when we talk next?