Wednesday, July 30, 2008

She said

Yesterday morning Liel had me put a dress on Fluffy. "He looks cute", she explained. And then, flipping his dress up, "I keep Fluffy's dress open so that I can snuffle his tag". She picked Fluffy up, held his tag close to her nose, and sniffed and huffed and sniffed.

Last night she wanted to take a pair of the new animal chopsticks to bed with her, but Robert said no chopsticks in bed. She cried and cried and wailed. I was giving her her bedtime snuggle and after a minute of her howling in my ear I said, "Liel, that's probably enough". Liel stopped immediately and in a completely normal voice said, "No! I am not done yet." And she resumed her wailing. Ten seconds later she finished. Glad she knows what she needs to do to feel better!


Stacie said...


the main stitch upholstery said...

this is my favorite. it is very important to know when you are done whining.

me said...

That is sooo funny and true!