Monday, July 16, 2007

51 orange tentacles

This is what that looks like, if you were curious. 24 more to go!

Also, a couple of food notes: 1. I made a delicious kohlrabi slaw a couple nights ago. I shredded the purple kholrabi we got from our CSA along with a couple of carrots and some spring onions (also from the CSA). I salted and drained the kholrabi very briefly and squeezed out some excess water. Then I added some red wine vinegar, some pepper (Penzey's Tellicherry black pepper, if you're interested) and a couple biggish spoonfuls of Veganaise. Mixed together and yum!

2. I have mastered the eggless Key Lime Pie. In the past I've had trouble getting the proper consistency using my trusty Ener-g Egg Replacer. Normally this stuff is the bomb- simple to use (just substitute for eggs- 1.5 tsps of the powder + 2 T water = 1 egg) and impossible to detect in baked goods. For custards, tho, it's really a bit lacking. It doesn't lend the smoothness and richness of eggs, and even less of egg yolks. Furthermore, I've found that doing a direct subsitution, which normally works flawlessly, is not sufficient for custards. They just won't set up properly. My Key Lim Pie recipe uses 4 egg yolks. I know that if i put 4 Egg Replacer egg yolks in, my pie won't hold pretty slices. So I've tried different things, and here's what I find works: put in enough powder for 5 egg yolks, but only enough water for 4. Voila. Beautiful and tasty egg free Key Lime Pie!

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Andrea said...

Your food descriptions always sound so good. I wish I cooked or were as cool as you!