Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finished Projects

I finished two knitting projects today! The pink fingerless gloves are for my niece, Hayley, and the baby sweater is for Baby Kurlinski. Yay! Finishing is so satisfying :)

I also found out today that two of our pregnant friends are expecting girls. Cute Saartje booties, here I come!

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me said...

Hello, I just read all the days that I had missed(started at 7/23) until today (8/2).
I laughed many times. You are good. I will expound on this during our next phone conversation.
Just a couple of comments:
Loved Kenn's hat and G's gloves.
The vitamins story was a giggle.
Your discourse on "seasonal veggies" was brilliant.
Your depiction of me as swiping stuff off the counter after 30 mins. was a bit overstated, I think! Ah well.. it is true I am anti-pacrat.