Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Both kids are showing some interest in letters and the ABC song. Liel will often run her finger along a line of text and say, in a kind of sing song-y voice "abc! abc!". I thought I would cleverly combine Zion's ongoing interest in Michael Jackson with the alphabet and asked if he'd like to see the Jackson 5 sing "ABC" (yes, I know I tried this once before and failed, but I was bored after the 5th viewing of "Bad" and hope springs eternal, right?). For a while we dicussed the differences between the alphabet song ABC and the Jackson 5 song, but eventually he agreed that yes, he DID want to watch the video. So off we went to YouTube.

Zion sat through it with some degree of enjoyment, but asked to see "Bad" again as soon as it was over. I loved it. I swear, every time I hear (or see) "ABC", somewhere, somehow, Emily Wilson is dancing on the Mulligan's coffee table and everything really is pure joy.

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