Friday, July 20, 2007

Kenn and Giselle vs The Deathly Hallows...and food

See? I used my brother's witty title suggesiton ;)

But really. We've been trying to see Kenn and Giselle since we got back from Pittsburgh, but keep having conflicts. Tomorrow would be great for everyone EXCEPT for the small matter of the Last Harry Potter Book. Honestly, I thought this battle was over and done with. I might not have even considered it a battle at all, in fact. However, it appears I was mistaken, since I'm now considering heading to Brooklyn tomorrow instead of burying my nose in a book for as long as it takes me to fly through 800 pages or whatever.

If we go tomorrow I could bring them Birthday Pie.

Speaking of food, I made a pretty tasty soup last night! Here's what I did: sautee some sausage (I used precooked chicken, but anything would work). In the future i'll probably add a little onion. I did add a clove of garlic- 2 would be better. Toss in some chopped up potatoes, chicken broth and white wine (I used some white Bourdeaux we got at Red, White, and Bubbly that we aren't crazy about. It was fine in soup. Chardonnay would be good here, too, esp a nice buttery California Chardonnay). Simmer a bit. Add chopped kale, salt, pepper, and carraway seeds. And paprika if you want. Oh and crushed red pepper. Simmer it all til nice and tender, then puree most of the potatoes and kale (or all). Mix it all back together and let the flavors meld. Quite good. Robert felt it was too carraway-y, but I've found he's not really down with Eastern European flavors. Liel loved it.


K said...

I would like to mention some food of my own. There is a farm called Aberdeen in upstate. They have these heritage pigs known as "the best bacon hogs". They are, as Kap would say... well... he'd say "Get Down, Guy!", or "HHGGuuUUumf, oh, yes, *UUU*mf. Whatever you put these pigs in turns into awesome.

I threw down 1/2 lb of their Canadian bacon in a cast iron, put it on medium heat, rough chopped a zucchini, and cut a 1/2 a cabage into for 3/4 inch slabs. Cover and leave for 15 minutes, come back, and voila -- far from tasting 'ok' it was amazing.

Example2: having had such success for lunch, at dinner I threw down 1/4 lb standard bacon in the same cast iron, but a buffalo steak down, but down another 1/4 l/b bacon, and then 3 heads of whole garlic, a bunch of scallions and a lot of little bananas capped it off. Cover, bake, god-damn!

Maybe, I'll give you some bacon when we collectively overcome the Deathly Hallows.

me said...

hey, I am amazed at both of your recipes and now I will try them too!!!
I loved Kenn's writing imitation of kap. I did snort and giggle out loud!