Monday, July 16, 2007

Goodness, corners!

Liel is learning to use the toilet. This started when we were in Pittsburgh and is continuing, which is nice. She gets an M&M every time she uses the potty, and so does Zion (what a deal for him, huh?). Sometimes she'll ask to sit on the potty and not actually do anything. Then she'll ask for toilet paper (a coveted item): "paper, paper!". Then she'll wipe and check the toilet paper while saying "wipe. wipe. Goodness!!!!!"

Zion had to go to time out twice this morning, once for chasing the cat and once of pushing at his sister. As he stood in his second time out he shouted, "Mama! I do not LIKE this.....!". Sensing a "teaching moment" I quickly jumped in with "Well, if you are kind to Liel and Ajax you won't have to go to time out". Unmoved, and perhaps annoyed that I had interrupted him, Zion shouted again "I do not like THIS HOUSE because it has too many corners!"

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