Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wait, I think I missed something...

Finished reading The Deathly Hallows aloud to Robert last night. I still liked it on the second go, which is good since we usually read them many, many times.

Last night after dinner we went outside to play for a bit. Zion was mowing the lawn with his toy mower and racing around pretending to be a garbage man, and Liel was sitting in the car pretending to drive (both kids enjoy this for some reason. Sometimes they put on bike helmets and pretend to be firefighters). At one point Zion and I were playing a "what's x's name?" game, always a good time, esp since he usually USES the name in question when he's asking. So, for example: "What's Ajax's name?" "Ajax".

Anyway, it suddenly occured to me that it might be a good idea for him to know our names, you know, in case he gets seperated from us at the grocery store someday. So I asked him if he knew what daddy's name was. He said no, but with Zion that's a kind of unreliable answer since he will often come up with information he allegedly does not know or has forgetten if you ask him a few more times. Hoping to jog his memory I asked him if remembered the name of the robot (from our awesome coffee table book Ultimate Robot) that had the same name as daddy. I thought for sure that would do it, as Zion has been quite delighted that there is a robot with the same name as his father for some time. But Zion shook his head, and smiling in rather shifty way said, "I do not know!". "You don't remember which robot has daddy's name?", I asked. "No!" "It's Robert", I said. "Daddy's name is Robert". Without missing a beat Zion asked, "And what is the robot's name?"


Cookie's Mommy said...

lmao, what a silly boy! Chelsea has known our names for awhile, in fact, when Todd does soemthing silly, she says "TODD!" in an exhasperated tone...wonder where she got that??

bugsnbubs said...

LMFAO...omg, how can you not just kiss that boy up and down? Well, I am sure you do kiss him all over...that is just so cute!

We have also done this exercise with Sam. He knows daddy's name because he hears Adison saying all the time. Daddy's name is "Tory" lmfao. My name on the other hand is a little harder. I mean, really, what else do they call me besides, "mom, mommy, momma"? He knows it, but his answer is a little slower to my name.