Monday, July 30, 2007

And whether pigs have wings

Today's theme is: fun!

My brother told me about Simpsonizeme. If you've ever wondered what you'd look like when you do your much-anticipated guest voice spot on The Simpsons (and really, who hasn't??), then this site is for you.

Some of you may know that I have a small interest in perfume. But not commerical perfume- small batch, artistic perfume oils from awesomely talented perfumers. These days my #1 favorite is Possets. Fabienne's blends really work well with my skin chemistry, and her prices can't be beat! Plus, last night I wore Id to bed. Which is just so clearly cool. (In fact, most nights I amuse the hell out of Robert by climbing into bed, making a little nest of comforter, pillow and feather bed and squealing about how good I smell. Lucky for me that he finds my eccentricities so endearing!)

Happy news: My friend Dany had her 3rd baby! Gabriel is adorable, and looks exactly like his big brother and sister. Exactly.

And the amusing kid story for the day: After lunch I was giving the kids their vitamins and fish oil, which they love. They love fish oil so much that they squabble over who gets to have fish oil first that day. So today Zion wandered off with his viatmin and I gave Liel her fish oil and called him in. He came running to the kitchen shouting "Me first! Me first!", which caused Liel to a. clamp her teeth down on the spoonful of fish oil in her mouth, presumably in an attempt to ensure that her first turn status was not lost and b. start choking on the fish oil, presumably because at 20 months she hasn't quite mastered the art of holding something in mouth and swallowing without choking. Hey, it takes some people years to master that skill! Anyway, as she coughed and sputtered I said, "Are you OK sweetie?" Liel coughed and stared up at me with watery eyes and Zion said, "Yeah, I'm fine. Fish oil!"


Andrea said...

I'm off to Simpsonize myself! he-he!

Andrea said...

Is this "our" Dany??!!! OMIGOD! She had her baby?? I will have to send her an email. Woo-hoo Dany!

bugsnbubs said...

lmao...I love your stories.

I am trying the simpsonizeme site for the fifth time. I hope it works. :D