Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ups and Downs

We've had an up and down kinda day. The first batch of my yarn-for-Hanukkah-gifts (and Robert's bday) arrived today, but I don't like one of the two greens Robert chose for his bag. He'll have to look at them after I post this and decide if it warrants an exchange. I started on Julie's gift, and did some more work on the fingerless mittens I'm designing for Zion. I just need to knit another inch or so in the hand and then do the thumb and I'll have a complete model for him to try in the morning!

Robert's stressed because one of his bike pedals broke while we were in Pittsburgh. When we got home he sent it in to be repaired. It's been almost two weeks, and no pedal. He hates not being able to ride, and we found out today that they shipped the pedal to Pittsburgh, despite the return address AND the note in the package giving all our contact info and the address to which the pedal should be mailed.

AND we're trying to re-work the 110 syllabus. It's tough trying to create a class that covers the very broad subject of "religion" to be taught to surly 18 year olds who don't want to be in the class, but have to (it's a requirement at our college). And I get to teach them at 8am, too! Oh joy.

This evening the kids played in the wading pool over at our neighbor's house. Jordan is 34 weeks pregnant with #2, so her life is already pretty uncomfortable right now. The hottest, most uncomfortable time in my life was the summer I was pregnant with Liel and living in Brooklyn. It sucked. As Liel and Will splashed and Zion "fished" from outside the pool Jordan told us that since getting up from his nap an hour earlier Will had pooped on the deck, peed on the rug in the living room, and thrown his bowl of cherries and blueberries at the kitchen wall. "Sometimes I wonder why I decided to stay home", she sighed as her son and my daughter splashed around her in the wading pool.

Guess it was just one of those days for everyone.

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