Monday, July 23, 2007

No spoilers...yet

I don't know how many of you read or care about Harry Potter (not many, I'm thinking) but I won't discuss Book 7 for a while- a week or so :) Thanks to my wonderful husband (and my own quick reading skills *cough*modest*cough) I was able to haul through all 759 pages in about 6 hours. Some of my friends are trying to savor this last book and read it slowly, but, um, I have no patience. And, more importantly in this case, no regrets. Vegas, baby! Vegas. I'm now reading Book 7 out loud to Robert- we're at page 305.

I finished Zion's fingerless mittens! He's only wearing one in this picture because, well, I'd only done one at the time. And he loooooved wearing that one- wore it hiking, to sleep in, the works. So I quickly knit up another one as soon as he would part with the first (since it wasn't a pattern I needed the first to make sure they were the same length). Now he won't wear the new one. Actually, he hasn't worn either since they became a pair. Perhaps he doesn't want to make the first mitten jealous. How punk is my kid, with his one fingerless glove??

This morning Zion asked me if he could have some rice milk ("milk" from here on out). I said sure, and since I was feeling too lazy to look and see if his milk cup was in the cupboard or the dishwasher or out in the living room I asked him if he'd had any milk yet this morning. He sighed and said, "Yes, but not as much as I might have liked".

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me said...

That Zion is amazing!! I laughed and laughed at his comment regarding the milk.
The photo is fun to see. He is such a cutie (and the mitten ain't bad either.)