Friday, July 13, 2007

But was it stuffy and tarnished?

This morning as Zion was petting Ajax I noticed he seemed to be concentrating his attention on Ajax's ears. Not behind his ears, as cats often like, but on his little prick ears (This cat's tolerence is amazing). I asked him what he was doing.

"Mama, I want Ajax to look like a nice cat, so I am polishing his ears".

Of course.

Actually, we've been reading a book where a goat has her horns and hooves polished as part of her daily care- clearly they origin of this idea. I like how readily Zion substituted "ears" for "horns" and his eagerness to ensure that his cat would be race-ready.

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me said...

Jovs, I just love your writing!!!!
what,pray tell, was the "Main family fruit platter incident"?
And of course, I LOVE the title of your post for the 13th.
Well, I must go polish my ears.
Love and kisses, Me