Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I remember many years ago telling my MIL that I'd inherited a few of my great-grandmother's super tiny crochet hooks. MIL explained that they were for tatting lace, something she enjoyed, and which sounded terribly tedious to me.

Now, I haven't totally lost my mind on this (as I have with chocolate and fried meat, apparently!), but lace-weight yarn (that's really, really thin yarn to you non-knitter/crocheters) has been appealing to me lately. And I even have a project in my Ravelry queue where I could use lace weight yarn and probably not go insane. So tempting...

But then, what kind of lace weight yarn? My automatic preference would be Malabrigo, but has some lovely colors and is half the price. also has some lovely colors and great prices, and, I'm told, is owned by the Malabrigo guy's brother. But when I put together a cart with a little lace weight and some worsted for a sweater- Oh Snap! Guess What I Saw?? $32.50 in shipping charges! I don't hold this against them- they are located in Uruguay and I'm sure that's exactly or close to exactly how much it would cost to mail the yarn to me. But still. I suppose the upside is that with shipping like that the yarn is about the same price as buying Malabrigo here in the States!

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me said...

It is amazing that tating interests you, and then again, it makes sense! I am sure it will be beautiful.