Monday, October 15, 2007


Sometimes, one is forced to make sacrifices for the sake of one's art. Or work. So when Geoffrey Miller and his team at the University of New Mexico set out to study human fertility and it's accompanying signals and chose strip clubs as the setting, you know they were sacrficing themselves for the greater good! And we all surely appreciate it. Actually, their findings are pretty interesting, as they indicated that women do send out "I'm fertile" signals, that men do read them accurately (if unknowingly) and that the Pill sucks (OK, fine, that's just me editorializing. But it does.).

Plus they got to go to strip clubs! For work!


the main stitch upholstery said...

my children are living proof that birth control sucks. i am that .01% of failure rate on both pill taking and vascectomy reversal.

Sara said...

hmmm, interesting ;)

robert said...

i think that jovi already said it best:

"Science is sooooo cool. Too bad it more or less sucked the way it was taught to me in school. I might've been more interested if it were more hands on!"

me said...

I thought this was interesting. I am not surprised.