Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yesterday I made Liel a sock cat (you know, a cat made out of a sock). She loves it. In fact, she loved it before it was anything other than a sock with some polyfil stuffing in it that she carried around for a day calling it "Kitty". I had to cajole her into giving it up to me so I could make it resemble a cat. Here it is.

Anyway, Liel took Kitty to nap with her yesterday. When I went to get her after she woke up she picked up Kitty and said, "I have Kitty!" I agreed and she pointed at her other cat toy (named Kitty-Kitty. She's apparently taking a page from Balinese naming traditions. I guess this is what that might look like if the namers had kind of sketchy counting skills) and said "I have two kitties! Zion only has one kitty."


Stacie said...

OH i love her kitty. That is really cute Jovi. Good job.

Andrea said...

I love the kitty too!!
She is astute!

the main stitch upholstery said...

awsome kitty!

me said...

Wonderful kitty. I am constantly wowed by your creative talents.