Friday, October 26, 2007

Sucks to your asthma and other rants

It appears that Liel may be asthmatic. This wouldn't be a huge shock since both Robert and I are, but of course no one wants that for their kids, so yeah. She's got a cold and woke up totally freaked last night. Her breathing was shallow and raspy and uneven and she was shaking and sucked. My poor baby! She was pretty cheerful today, though quite hoarse and snotty.

In other rants, a skincare company I used to love and rave about has pretty much just doubled their prices on everything. I'm irritated on my behalf, and doubly so on behalf of those to whom I'd recommended these products. Yes, costs go up. But seriously, doubling prices on nearly everything in your product line? Um, thanks for the ride, this looks like my stop....

I hate to leave on a down note, so I'll pimp some other products instead, shall I? I bought this lovely facial serum from Nicole at littleflowers and I love it! My skin is pleased, I'm pleased, and Nicole is a total doll. Check her out!

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