Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween! The kids and I are going trick or treating tonight, so I'll try to post some costume pics after bedtime :)

It's been a busy day so far, in large part because we forgot to get Zion most of his Halloween costume. Long story, but he kept changing his mind about what he wanted to be, so we waited and then...forgot. He finally settled (I hope) on cat, and I made him cat ears as you saw, but there was nothing else for the costume! For Liel we got black pants and a black turtleneck to go with her ears. Anyway, we realized this about 1045pm last night, too late to do anything. So this morning after my classes I came home, picked up Liel so that Robert could work while we were gone, and went to Target to get Zion's costume bits. Apparently boys don't wear black (WTF??), cause I couldn't find a single black shirt (other than Spiderman) or black pants anywhere. So I bought a pair of black sweats from the girl's side and a white turtleneck and he can be a black and white cat. Right? Here's hoping...

Then we swung by Zion's school to drop of the supplies we bought for them yesterday, came back home and helped Robert get his face paint on (he's dressed up as a Pict, with a kilt and blue face paint), and Robert dropped Liel and I off at the preschool to get Zion and walk home while he headed off to work.

As we were leaving the school I pulled Zion off the driveway to let a car pass and he asked who it was. I told him it was Jack and his mama, and Liel, who was on my back in the mei tai, put her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder and said, "My mama loves me!".

Ain't that the truth???


Stacie said...

awe, Liel. Too cute.

I think Zion will be a great white and black cat. Great work mom. :D

the main stitch upholstery said...

i love that! jule and owen do it too at random moments... owen always argues with me that i do love him cause i always say no, why should i. this is a regular joke followed by you love us because you feed us and read us stories and take care of us... i will have to get that on tape recording to play for them in the teenage years when they decide i don't love them. he he. great save on the black and white cat also. mom saves the holiday.

me said...

melts my heart.

ky said...

still wanting on those photos