Thursday, October 25, 2007


Zion has had a virtually life-long love affair with sushi. On his first birthday we took him out for sushi, cause it was already his favorite food. At this age he was just eating cooked stuff, and was particularly fond of tobiko and miso.

When he was 21 months old we let him try the raw stuff, and that was a huge hit, too. He just sat on my brother's lap and gorged himself, pointing at all the new yummies he wanted to try.

So given that we are a family of sushi lovers it was surprising to us to realize, tonight, that we hadn't had sushi in months. Zion's been asking for it, too, so we picked up some take-out from our favorite local sushi joint. It'd been so long since we'd been in that the place appears to have new owners. Our order wasn't done yet when Robert and Zion arrived to pick it up, so they hung out and watched the chef preparing it. Robert pointed out the rainbow roll that was been made, and Zion said, "Oh, I like rainbow roll!" The chef gave a small smile and continued his work. "Look!" said Zion, "Salmon! That is my favorite". The chef smiled. Zion pointed. "And there is the sushi mat!" Bigger smile.

The sushi was quite good, and we had an excellent Chilean Cabernet with crazy cherry/blackberry/vanilla flavors. Sooooo good.


Cookie's Mommy said...

that wine sounds yummy, what was it called??

the main stitch upholstery said...

that is so odd that he loves sushi. i do not have a sushi loving family. i did have crab cakes for dinner night before last though and they were so yummy! i also had arbour mist. very delightful (yes, out of my 54oz. circle k cup filled with ice). nothing but the best for me...........