Saturday, November 24, 2007

Baby news

Just a couple of shout-outs...Ruby Zell was born November 20 to my friend Alissa and her husband, Chris. I've known Alissa since we were in utero- our mom's met in a Lamaze class in 1976. Ruby was a footling breech and consequently a scheduled C-section. Mama and baby are doing well, and my mom reports that Ruby looks like Alissa :)

And last night my friend Abby emailed to tell me she was having mild contractions! Abby has a son the same age as Zion and a daughter the same age as Liel, and she and Colin are expecting a second daughter. Abby and I both grow posterior babies, and she's needed her previous two labors augmented with pitocin (posterior babies often don't put sufficient pressure on the cervix to cause it to dilate fully). Nonetheless, Abby is a strong natural birth proponent and has avoided all pain medications in labor. Go, Abby! That's some strong woman stuff, there. I haven't heard from her since last night, and I'm saying lots of little prayers that things are going well for them.

Look for more baby news in the next 4-6 weeks- I have two more friends due in late December/early January! Everywhere babies...

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