Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good Night

I leave you with some sweet amusement. I made falafel for dinner tonight, and the kids and I always eat those little Lebanese pickles with falafel (not Robert, he eats Clausen's. I haven't managed to re-train him yet. Not that I'm down on Clausen's, but with falafel??), and Liel quickly scarfed her first pickle and asked for a second. But her second pickle still had a stem attached to one end. She stared at it in concern for a moment before gamely taking a bite from the stem end. She spit it back out into her hand right quickly and said, "I do not like this. It is not good. Here, mama". I put out my hand. Liel shook her head, clutching her soggy pickle stem. "No mama", she said. "I want to put it in your mouth."

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Stacie said...

roflmao...kinda like "oh this taste nasty, here you try it" lol.