Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I don't really wear makeup. Some powder, a touch of concealer if I need it, but nothing fancy. For dress up I'll wear lip gloss. You could say that I like a natural look.

So can someone please explain to me why I am so so tempted by the gel eyeliner at Aromaleigh? It comes in colors that would look anything BUT natural. And I want about 8 of them. I'm so makeup challenged I don't even know what colors would look good on me!

I might regret asking this, but if you're feeling your enabling mojo and you have an eye for makeup colors, can you please tell me which of these eyeliners has my name written on it?


Andrea said...

Okay. You know I love Aromaleigh.. I want to try some of those eyeliners too! But they are pricey.

I'm mostly black when I wear it. But it could be fun to try new colors. For a more natural look though, I would try Chocolate Mousse or Ivy League, I think the green will bring out your big brown eyes! If you try any out let me know how you like them!

me said...

I was first drawn to Magnetism and secondly, Peacock for you.