Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Zion's daddy and I both have relatively big egos. It must be genetic- we come from big ego stock. And last night Zion gave my genetic theory a little nudge forward.

Yesterday afternoon one of his friends called to invite him to play at the park. He was still napping, but when he woke up we all went down. His friend was thrilled to see him and came running across the playground, but Zion hasn't really moved into social play yet and he gave her a lukewarm reception. Luckily she didn't seem to notice or mind! So the kids played on the equipment, and ran all around, and generally had a great time. After an hour or so it was getting pretty dark, and we all headed home. Zion's friend gave out hugs and kisses to everyone. Zion managed to say good-bye, after being prompted and reminded several times. Hey, they all develop at their own pace, right?

Anyway, last night as I was snuggling with Zion before bed I couldn't resist asking him if he was looking forward to seeing his friends at school tomorrow. "Not really", he said. "Oh", I said, "but don't you have fun playing with them?" "I don't really like to play with them", Zion said. "Well, I think F. really likes to play with you", I said. "She was happy to see you today, and I bet you could have fun playing at school tomorrow." Zion considered this for a moment and it evidently pleased him. "Yeah!", he said. "F. likes me. But you know what? F. does not really like listening to her mommy. She mostly likes listening to me."

(For the record, F. actually listens to her mommy very well!)

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Stacie said...

ya know, Adison STILL acts lukewarm half the time to her friends. She will talk about them sometimes, but mostly I know NOTHING about who she plays with and such at school. Though this week is candy cane sales. Each kids brings in money to buy a candy cane that will be delivered to their friend. Her list had 20 people on it. So I do know she has friends, but maybe they aren't her world yet, which I can handle for the time being.