Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Wisdom of Children

We've been sick lately. Unable to muster the energy to cook dinner tonight, we decided instead to head to our local Vietnamese joint (side note: a recent review by the local paper was posted on the wall. The review mentioned that this place is the only Vietnamese restaurant in several counties. Man, we narrowly dodged a bullet we didn't even know existed...). It's a family affair, and our favorite waiter is a guy in his mid 20s. He's always happy to see us and is kind to the kids.

We were the only customers when we sat down tonight, and after he brought us water our waiter turned on the fake revolving fish tank, which always delights the kids. Zion's face lit up when he saw it go on, and then he turned to us and said, "Yeah, but they are fake fish". "Yes", Robert agreed, "but they are still pretty to look at". Zion turned back to the waiter. "We used to have a real fish", he said, "but then he died." The waiter made a sympathetic noise and said something like, "Oh, how sad". "Yeah", Zion agreed. "But", he said, brightening, "luckily we still have his boat (one of the tank decorations)!"

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the main stitch upholstery said...

good to still have the boat. maybe the fish fell off and drowned............ hmm...