Friday, November 16, 2007

Some people, however, could use a good does of sick.

Yesterday morning the sky was a deep, dark gray lashed with rain as I drove to work. I didn't really want to be awake, but Zion had woken us up at 530am. I didn't want it to be gray and rainy. I didn't want to be driving to the Bronx.

As I crept along I remembered the other times in my life when I regularly woke up much earlier than I would have chosen. The first time was when I was about 8 years old and my parents decided it would be good for the entire family to get up at about 6am and do some yoga and meditation. The second early-rising period was when I was in high school, and would wake up at about 6am and go feed my horse and clean his stall. I spent 4 years doing that nearly every morning, and as I drove to the Bronx yesterday those memories were so clear in front of me I could almost feel the chill early morning desert air, smell the horses, and see the sun rising over Topa Topa. The heart never leaves some places, right?

My 8am class seemed to be in an extra stupor when I got there. Huge numbers of them were literally slumped over backwards in their desks, mouths open. I decided to ask them a question in an effort to get their minds working, if even just a little bit. So I asked them: If you could be anywhere in the world right now, doing anything, where would you be?

And do you know what they said? Sleeping. Every student who answered the question insisted that if the world were open to her, she would be sleeping. When pushed one of them suggested she might be sleeping on the beach, and several choose to be sleeping at home (as opposed to their dorm rooms).

I offer the world, they choose a dorm room in the Bronx. And to that is what is wrong with their generation!

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Stacie said...

*sigh* oh good ole college days. ;)