Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fly Scarf Designing

Last week I bought a skein of Malabrigo from another Raveler. I didn't have any particular plans for it, but it looked pretty! When I saw it in person I was strongly reminded of the trees and leaves around here right now. And then, when Malabrigo Cast On Week was announced at Ravelry, I knew what I wanted to do- design a scarf that would help my yarn look even more like fall leaves. I've never designed anything other than simple hats, so while I know this scarf isn't rocket science or anything, I'm pretty excited anyway. And it really did take a while to come up with the right stitch pattern, needle size, number of CO stitches etc!

I call it the Falling Leaves Scarf. It's not done yet because we went to Korean BBQ with Brian and Ysette last night, and then they came over and we drank wine, and as it turns out, drinking wine and talking to friends and knitting didn't really work for me. I'm hoping to finish it up today, but here's current progress:

A close up of the stitch pattern:

As an aside, we had a super cool time w/the Guevarowe's last night. The kids dug the Korean BBQ ("more beef!" Liel kept begging), and they were super well behaved. I mean, they're usually really well behaved in restaurants (a fact I attribute to our living in NY and going out pretty often, to all kinds of places), but the speed with which Korean BBQ and it's accompaniments arrive made everything even easier. At the end of dinner the waitress brought fruit- oranges, honeydew, and a few grapes. Zion loves grapes, and most of them off our plate. Then he turned his attention to Ysette's unloved grapes. "Aunt Ysette?", he said "May I please have one of your grapes?" "You may have all of them", Ysette replied. "Oh, THAAAAANK you!", Zion whispered, taking the grapes. Ysette was highly amused. Them's some cute kids we got!

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