Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wait...where am I??

As the kids were eating lunch today Zion asked for some ketchup, "to dip in". Liel, who is currently repeating nearly everything Zion says chimed in right away, "May I have some ketchup to dip in, mama?". So I said yes, and went into the kitchen. I got down two bowls and took the ketchup from the fridge. I put some ketchup in each bowl.

"What are you doing, mama?", asked Zion, watching me.

"Getting you ketchup", I replied.

"Why?", he asked.

"Well, you wanted some and asked me for it".

"Why did I want it?"

Luckily, with all the Baghavad Gita reading and lecturing I've been doing, I think I'm now able to answer this age-old question: It's because G-d really, really likes ketchup.

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Stacie said...

LOL, that is funny.