Thursday, November 29, 2007

Better late than never


Here ya go, Stace, 7 weird facts about yours truly :)

1. I love socks. (also shoes, but this one is not so unique!) My mom swears it is genetic, as my dad would also be delighted to have drawers and drawers of pleasing socks at his disposal.

2. I am a terrible housekeeper, yet my mother and grandmother are both fabulous housekeepers. That gene skipped me, apparently. However, I do look forward to their visits, so they can clean my house. And, um, other reasons, too! Of course :) I like to think of it as Zen- I can't possibly vacuum in the corners because I have no attachments. Hell, I might not even have corners anymore, there's so much stuff piled in them.

3. I am convinced that pie is the food of the G-ds. Seriously. It's PIE. What could be better? (PS Pies should contain fruit. Chocolate pie is not Pie. Butterscotch pie is not Pie. And heaven forbid, Peanut Butter pie is not Pie.)

4. I think that smell is one of the most undervalued senses. Scent can transport me back to a person, place, or time faster and more completely than anything. My grandfather died when I was 8. I don't remember a lot about him anymore. I don't know what kind of cologne or aftershave he used, but sometimes I smell it, out there in the wide world. And it's the only way I really know my grandfather these days.

5. I never eat oranges unless I am at home. Never. Why? Because I've yet to have a decent orange anywhere else. Ojai oranges are The Best. Period. They are sweet and tart and sunshine and juice and chapparal and home and Thacher and cut up in a bowl with strawberries when I get up in the morning at my parent's house, and juiced fresh and bought in huge quantities an eaten with joy.

6. I am kind of double jointed (where would my list be without this one?). I can bend my joints in all sorts of unnatural ways, and I can partially unhinge my jaw, like a snake. This means I can win virtually every "what can you fit in your mouth" game (what, you didn't play those??). Growing up, Kenny and I loved playing a game that was essentially a contest to see which of us could fit the most of X (usually grapes) into his/her mouth without crushing them. We last played this game in high school, and I won (though narrowly, I must admit). I put 42 grapes in my mouth, and spit them all back out, whole, on to a plate for counting. Our mom always worried that we'd choke playing this game. Now I can see why.

7. I do not do well being TOLD what to do. Suggestions are always welcome, but man, someone telling me what to do really gets my hackles up in most situations. And I tend to fight or resist something fierce.

So- tag! Becka, Rachel, and Jill! Your turn!


Kristofer Young, DC said...

So glad you have hackles!

the main stitch upholstery said...

okay, i will do the 7 odd things. give me some time. i will have to narrow my list a bit to only have 7...................... he he

Andrea said...

okay. Now go clean up the corners in your house, NOW.


Cookie's Mommy said...

shit, did you just tag me??? *shakes fist*

Stacie said...

love them, great job and LATE IS better than never :)

Mama Zen said...

"No attachments!" That's hysterical!

ky said...

What about vegetable pie? Rhubarb pie is pretty rocknroll. Sweet potato pie? Off the hook. And savory pies with meats? Oof!

Which brings me to the homesick texan again. 'Taint pie, an'taint fruit, neither, but...

me said...

I have to agree Pie is a very favorite of mine too!! I can't stand the ones you don't like either. I also love the ones Kenny mentioned.
Love your description of Ojai oranges. I'll send you some soon.