Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yarn Harvesting

...or, not. As the case may be.

Tonight Robert pulled a bunch of stuff out of our hall closet that we don't really use and is just clogging up the very limited space in there. Among those items was a sweater I knit for Liel last summer- about 18 months ago. Obviously this sweater no longer fits her. Furthermore, it was my first sweater EVER and it sucked. Not dreadfully, but suck it did, all the same. So I got the brilliant idea that I should unravel the sweater and re-use the yarn (my beloved Peace Fleece and all).

After 30 minutes I'd managed to unravel about 5% of the sweater. The damn thing isn't just unraveling, there are loops and knots at the end of every row. What, did I turn into some kind of devil knitter when I did this thing? It ain't natural! Or perhaps the sweater has become sentient and is fighting is apparent demise. Hmmm. Still not natural, but I think I'll put it in the bathroom for the night, just to be safe.

So yeah, there I am pulling and twisting and winding and unwinding and suddenly it occured to me that: 1. at the rate I was going it would take me 10 hours to unravel the sweater and 2. I was looking at approximately $2.25 worth of yarn for my troubles. That pretty much put a stop to that. Maybe I'll use to it stuff one of my Creatures. That'd be like an extra bonus Creature cause it'd be pretty on the inside, too! Awwww. Maybe I could call it Christmas Miracle or something. As a child my gramma had a pet rabbit named Sunday Dinner. Guess the sense of humor runs in the family, right?


SagePixie said...

you could felt it and turn it into a stuffed beast? or a purse?

Cookie's Mommy said...

lol, yoaure too funny :) post a pic for the sentiment :)