Saturday, November 24, 2007

Finger paints

This morning Zion asked to do finger painting, and I decided it would be fun to make our own. We have finger paints in our craft box, I just felt creative this morning, I guess. So I looked up some finger paint recipes and settled on one that used a cooked cornstarch mixture. Cornstrach made a nice, slippy product, I reasoned.

So we cooked it up and added food coloring (Zion wanted to make orange and brown. I'm pretty pleased by the color mixing lessons this and our bath salt making are teaching!), and Zion went to work with some paper.

Oh. Dear. This stuff is chunky. And ewwww. I mean, yuck. He had a great time spreading and spooning them around on his paper but we won't be using this recipe again, lemme tell ya.

Brains. Brains! Vomited up brains!!!


Stacie said...

oh no. chunky paint? Yipes.

Skye said...

See, Cody would have thought the chunkiness made it better. Please don't send him the recipe, though! Yeechhh.